Sunday, February 19, 2017

All the Novels I Need to Read

I have brilliant friends, friends who read...some even read more than I do. When I put out the call for books we all need to read during the next turbulent years, it was answered enthusiastically. And I discovered my very brilliant friends had read books I needed to read. Books that could give me that comfort and empathy that books -- especially novels -- have proved to provide for us who read.

The list I present for you today are novels I've NOT read. Novels I will put on my ever-growing 'To Be Read' list. Novels that friends recommend to us all in trying times. And, yes, there are books here that I certainly SHOULD have read...even English teachers can't read everything. Lewis's book, and Askew's, and Hamid's books are physically IN MY HOUSE, on a stack.

Some appear to be those dystopian novels we have all been referencing recently...of 'perfect' societies run by men and women who have all the answers...who brook no disagreement, who control all parts of others' lives.
So, read through the list...find one you'd especially recommend for me...or add a book you don't see.

Reading keeps us human...and it's never been more important to be loving, accepting, reflective, empathetic humans.

Fiction I need to read:

As I Lay Dying -- Faulkner
Behind the Scenes at the Museum – Atkinson
Blood for Blood – Graudin
Blood Meridian – McCarthy
Disc World Series – Pratchett
Echo -- Ryan
Every Man Dies Alone – Fallada
For Whom the Bell Tolls – Hemingway
Howl – Ginsberg
It Can’t Happen Here – Lewis
Johnny Got His Gun -- Trumbo
Junkie – Burroughs
Kind of Kin – Askew
Never Let Me Go – Ishiguro
Station Eleven – Mandel
Super Sad True Love Story – Shteyngart
The Children of Men – James
The Children’s Hour – Clavell
The Circle – Eggers
The Cucumber King – Nostlinger
The Diabolic – Kincaid
The Dispossessed -- Le Guin
The Gate to Women's Country – Tepper
The Hate U Give – Thomas
The Iron Heel – London
The Leftovers – Perrotta
The Light Between Oceans – Stedman
The Mandibles – Shriver
The Plot Against America – Roth
The Reluctant Fundamentalist -- Hamid
They Thought They Were Free – Mayer
Version Control – Palmer
We – Zamyatin
When I was the Greatest – Reynold

Wolf by Wolf – Graudin

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