Saturday, April 16, 2016

Educators -- and Family -- Run for Oklahoma Senate

My list of educators and family members running for Oklahoma Senate...this is a work in progress, and I welcome any revision suggestions.

Right now I'm focusing on only educators and family. I will try to compile self-idetified advocates later.

This list is not an endorsement of any candidate...That's why I've included websites when I can find them. Vetting is YOUR responsiblility. 

Contact the candidates, especially ones running in your District and introduce yourself. Ask his or her stances on vouchers, deregulation, consolidation, funding, teacher shortage, testing, and any other issues that are important to you. 

If you find a candidate you can support, donate your time and funding when possible.

I AM NOT ENDORSING ANY CANDIDATES ON THIS LIST, because that's YOUR job as voter...please check out their websites, contact and ask questions, and then make up your mind for whom to vote.

Candidates, I deeply appreciate your willingness to serve and run!

SD Name Website Party  Educator
1 Michael Bergstrom R Yes
3 Rhonda Cox D Yes
5 Stacy Ebert D Yes
9 Jack Reavis D Yes
9 Dewayne Pemberton R Yes
13 Eric Hall D Yes
13 Greg McCortney R Spouse
15 Shawn Sheehan I Yes
19 Rhonda Harlow D Yes
19 Roland Pederson R Yes
23 Lonnie Paxton Spouse
25 Lisa Kramer R ScBd
29 Robert Jobe D Yes
29 Jean Oliver R Yes
31 Chris Kidd R Former
31 Toni Hasenbeck R Yes
37 Lloyd Snow D Yes
37 Brian Jackson R Spouse
39 John Waldron D Yes
41 Kevin McDonald D Yes
43 Paul Scott R Spouse
45 Mike Mason Yes
47 Judy Hopper D Yes
47 Don Sherry D Niece 

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