Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jayden Mills- A Passionate Student Leader

Social media allows us to be friends with folks we have never met face-to-face. To get to know their values and their hearts.

One such friend is Chickasha High School student, Jayden Mills. He is active on #oklaed chats, and we professionals have learned a lot from his positive posts. On Facebook he is a vocal supporter of his school and he often highlights these. 

I know him as an articulate, passionate example of the best of Oklahoma public schools. 

His latest piece shows you what I mean,

The Future is in Our Hands...even the title of his blog tells you about his positive message to the world.

Jayden is every teacher's dream:

" I will be an avid learner, always willing to take in information because that it the only way to be able to understand public education and its status in our state. I will have an open mind because, of course, 
simply learning information is useless unless you choose to let it change you- 
being open minded is the only way you can communicate with people and be productive.
I will respond to change with a positive attitude 
because, does responding any other way actually accomplish anything?
 I will pay attention to what is going on in our legislature, 
especially to that which pertains to public education.
 I will vote."

I taught for 39 years, and loved being around strong, positive students. I loved watching them influence their classmates with their passions. I am sorry Jayden was not in one of my classes...we'd've had a great time, for sure. His enthusiasm for learning is genuine. His commitment to making the future bright for us all is real. 

Jayden challenges us all -- his fellow students, the adults in his life, educators, parents. We owe it to him and to his classmates. We must participate. We must be informed. We must vote. To do otherwise lets down Jayden and all the other students in #oklaed.  He will be our guide.

"We must find ways to be active. Because right now, your state legislature is getting ready to give money from Public Education to private schools (with no accountability) in the form of education savings accounts. 

Because right now, your state government continues to make monetary cuts that are damaging the quality of education Oklahoma students receive in more ways than one. If you’re a parent, then these are your children. And if you’re a student, then it’s you.But regardless of your relation to education- if you’re an Oklahoman, then this is your future.

If you’re not registered, register. Whether you register a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent, please register and please vote. And vote education.
Be aware. 
Be active. 
This is our future."

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