Thursday, March 5, 2015

#oklaed Chat Resource Guide to Address Bullying

I was lucky enough to moderate an #oklaed chat about bullying in schools, efforts to thwart, and resources to combat. I promised at the end of the hour, to compile our ideas and resources and share. I have done that, the the resources are in the link at the end of this post.

I’d never moderated a chat before…I had my questions ready and then revised and revised again. I made sure they were focused on inviting conversation, and would allow parents, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders a ‘way in.’ I was pleased to see high school students, college students, and two Oklahoma legislators joining and at least reading.

The hour flew by, and I found myself frustrated by my inability to read and respond as I can when I’m participating. I had to have a timer (Kevin Himes’ idea!) to remind me when to post the next question. But, I forgot a couple of times to reset my timer. Anne Beck is in charge of "storifying" (is that even a word?) the conversations on our weekly chats. She had the Storify link ready moments after our chat. I was able to read through the conversation on my own time.

The discussion was rich…educators and parents shared stories, ideas, best practices, and I discovered several experts who have agreed to be resources for us.

The resource document I’ve compiled here includes books I’ve read, and books listed in the latest book I’ve read. There are websites recommended by participants. Books for children and adolescents. #oklaed educators who volunteered to be ‘go to’ folks for ideas and trainings.

Together we created a powerful document for schools and parents. Together we had an honest conversation.

Together, I hope, we have started the hard work of supporting all students and educators and parents in creating a positive culture.

I thank all who joined the conversation and helped me compile this Resource Guide. Please feel free to comment with more ideas…I want to make this a living document. I will continue to add material and to add links. Michelle Waters has volunteered (ok, I begged her) to help create a prettified brochure after all the revisions are made. We will have an important document when we're finished. 

So, help me out. Correct my errors, add ideas, give me new titles and links. New resources. 

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  1. This is such a great idea! I can't wait to read the guide and help make it ready for publication. Thank you!